Keynote and Guest Speaking on AI, Tech, and Digital Marketing

I love it when people get together to share ideas. Participating in the conversation and speaking at conferences is a real pleasure for me.

I‘ve been invited to deliver keynote and guest speaking presentations, plus workshops and technical seminars, at hundreds of conferences. If you are organizing an event, I would love to help make an impact for your audience. 


“I can’t thank you enough for being part of our event. The verbal feedback we have received thus far has been incredible. Many said BEST SPEAKER EVER!”

Speaking Topics:

Avery Swartz wears black rimmed glasses, a navy dress, and smiles while on stage speaking

Beyond the Buzz: The Future of AI Adoption

In this thought-provoking and engaging presentation, Avery Swartz, digital pioneer and founder of Camp Tech, provides an insightful look into the rapidly evolving landscape of machine learning and generative AI. With a blend of expertise and humour, Avery offers a high-level overview of how this technology functions, and demonstrates the game-changing potential of generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The discussion goes beyond the hype to examine AI's complex ethical terrain. Through open dialogue, you'll learn how to navigate issues like bias, privacy, and copyright concerns as you harness AI's remarkable capabilities responsibly.

You’ll leave this presentation feeling empowered with vital knowledge and a mindset to implement these powerful technologies ethically while championing inclusivity. Get ahead of the curve by learning how to guide the positive transformation AI can bring. Embrace the future as an innovative leader driving ethical AI adoption.


Think Like a Marketer: How to Succeed with Digital Marketing

There is so much noise in the digital marketing world. It seems that everywhere you turn, there's a new social media platform, a new must-have app, and a different platform you need to learn. Not to mention all the data. Dashboards and metrics and measurements, oh my! It's exciting... but it's also exhausting.

Join Camp Tech founder and best-selling author Avery Swartz for a fun presentation where you'll discover how to think like a strategic marketer. Avery will unlock the secrets of exactly HOW to truly understand your customers and what motivates them, and you'll learn specific tricks for writing website and social media copy that converts. You'll discover what digital marketing channels are best to spend your precious time, money, and energy on, and how to determine what is and isn't working for you.

You'll walk away from this session feeling excited about new possibilities, with a list of practical tips you can apply in your business right away, confident that you're on the path to success.

I've been delighted to speak for these clients:

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“OMG, what a fantastic, interactive, engaging, educational session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned lots!”

Upcoming Speaking Events:

September 2024: The Future of AI Adoption, Libraries and Archives Canada
September 2024: The Future of AI Adoption, The EVENT
October 2024: The Future of AI Adoption, Canadian Greenhouse Conference
November 2024: The Future of AI Adoption, Toronto Public Library
November 2024: The Future of AI Adoption, Burlington Public Library


Avery Swartz speaking from the stage at the Globe and Mail Small Business Summit
Avery Swartz holding a microphone on stage at Microsoft Ignite
Avery Swartz holding a microphone and speaking at the Canadian Export Challenge
Avery Swartz wears a red blazer and holds a microphone while speaking on stage at the CPMA convention in April 2024
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Avery Swartz wears black rimmed glasses, a navy dress, and smiles while on stage speaking
Avery Swartz speaking from the stage at the Mompreneur Conference
Avery Swartz speaking to a crowd at Creative Mornings Toronto
Avery Swartz on stage at Owner Summit
Avery Swartz on stage at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival
Avery Swartz holding a microphone and speaking at Hexagon UX Toronto

“No one explains tech in such a smart and accessible way as you do. I never feel like a tech dummy when listening to you.”