Avery Swartz smiling

Helping nice people use technology to achieve their business and organizational goals

I offer independent website and digital marketing advice to business and non-profit clients. I‘ve spent years sitting on the other side of the table from people like you, working as a web designer, developer, and digital marketer. Now I‘ll sit next to you, on your side.

My consulting clients trust me to look out for them. I protect your investment and make sure your money is well spent on tech.

I‘m an independent advisor, and platform agnostic. I won‘t guide you towards a certain solution because it benefits me. My only goal is to see you succeed.

“Avery has that uncanny ability to not only explain abstract tech jargon in simple terms but also do it in a way that is fun and approachable. Our company has worked with Avery for years and we rely heavily on her expertise to make sense of our internet-driven world. She is a pleasure to work with. When I have a tech question, I don't just call anyone - I call Avery!”

You‘re my ideal client if:

  • you‘re worried about spending a lot of money on tech, and you‘re not sure how you‘ll get a return on your investment
  • you suspect digital agencies are going to lead you towards a solution that will benefit them, not you
  • you‘ve looked at digital agencies and tech company‘s websites, and can‘t tell the difference between them
  • you barely survived your organization‘s last website redesign and you still have PTSD
  • you don‘t know who to trust and wish you had a friendly tech coach to guide you

Clients I‘ve consulted with:

Art Canada Institute
The Broadview Hotel
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Dance Umbrella of Ontario
The Globe and Mail Event Centre
Nightwood Theatre
Parents Canada
Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
The Marquee Group
Spring Law
St Lawrence Centre for the Arts
Streetcar Developments
The Writers Union of Canada

I‘m friendly, helpful, and really good at translating tech for you in a way you can understand. Here's how I can work with you.

Website Advice

I draw on years of experience from working as a web designer and front-end web developer. I‘ve designed, built and launched hundreds of websites, and seen first-hand the challenges that small business owners and charitable organizations face when working through a website project.

If you‘re planning a new website, a tune-up or full overhaul of an existing site, I can help with timely and practical advice.

Digital Marketing Consulting

I would love to consult with you on your digital marketing strategy. I‘ll help you identify which key performance indicators you should keep an eye on, and which you can ignore. I’ll help you interpret your web and digital analytics for actionable insights. I can also advise you as you build a digital marketing plan, and give advice on what amount of budget is reasonable to spend on digital services, at different stages of your business growth.

CASL and GDPR Compliance

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have strict rules about what personal data can be collected and used through your website and digital marketing. I can cut through the legal mumbo jumbo and explain the rules to you in plain language, helping you determine what changes your organization may need to make to comply with the law.